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Project S6801 "Efficiency Improvement by Flow Optimisatione"

Project sponsored by the Austrian Science Foundation FWF


Project Start: 1994; Project End: 1999


Project Applicant / Contact: Dr. Wolfgang Sanz, Dr. Jakob Woisetschläger


Objective: The objective of this project is to improve the flow through turbomachinery blading and therefore enhance the overall efficiency of the turbomachinery. Measurements of the flow through a test turbine (currently designed and built within this project) shall be used to develop an efficient numerical method for predicting the flow behaviour. A numerical procedure for this task shall be able to predict secondary flows, tip leakage flows, separation and unsteady phenomena like stator-rotor interaction.


First results:

  • Development of a instationary 2D Navier-Stokes solver for compressible, viscous, turbulent flows of high Reynolds number in turbine bladings.
  • Development of a 2D Navier-Stokes solver for heat transfer calculations
  • Implementation and verification of three different turbulence models
  • Development of a 3D Euler code for stage calculations
  • Development of a 3D Navier-Stokes solver
  • Construction of a transonic test turbine for continuous operation at the Institute for Thermal Turbomachinery and Machine Dynamics
  • Implementation of software for the evaluation of optical data from the transonic turbomachinery blade cascade at the Institute for Thermal Turbomachinery and Machine Dynamics



First Publications:

  1. Sanz, W., Gehrer, A., Paßrucker, H., 1995, "An Implicit TVD Upwind Relaxation Scheme for the Unsteady 2D Euler Equations", ASME Paper 95-CT-71, ASME Cogen-Turbo Power Conference, Vienna
  2. Sanz, W., Gehrer,A., Paßrucker, H., Jericha, H., 1995, "Entwicklung von Turbomaschinenbeschaufelungen höchsten Wirkungsgrades mit Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)", ÖIAZ, 140.Jahrgang, Heft 10-11, pp 346-356
  3. Woisetschläger, J., H.Jericha, H., Pirker, H.P., Mayrhofer, N. , 1995, "Moderne laseroptische Methoden zur Turbomaschinenentwicklung am Institut für Thermische Turbomaschinen und Maschinendynamik der Technischen Universität Graz", ÖIAZ, 140.Jahrgang, Heft 10-11, pp 341-345
  4. Pirker, H.P., Jericha, H., Erhard, J., Seitz, H. ,1995, "Versuchsanlagen des Institutes für Thermische Turbomaschinen und Maschinendynamik der Technischen Universität Graz", ÖIAZ, 140.Jahrgang, Heft 10-11, pp 357-363
  5. Woisetschläger, J., Jericha>, H., 1996, "Heterodyne Laser Interferometry for Cascade Flow Investigations", 13th Symposium on Measuring Techniques for Transonic and Supersonic Flows in Cascades and Turbomachinery, ETH Zürich, Optical Measurements, paper 19
  6. Woisetschläger, J., Pretzler, G., Jericha, H., Mayrhofer, N., Pirker, H.P., 1997, "Heterodyne differential interferometry for turbine blade cascade flow investigations", Exp.Fluids, Vol.23, pp
  7. Sanz, W., Gehrer, A., Woisetschläger, J., Forstner, M., Artner, W., Jericha, H., 1997, "Numerical and Experimental Investigation of the Wake Flow Downstream of a Linear Turbine Cascade", ASME Turbo Expo '98, Stockholm, submitted
  8. Gehrer, A., H., Jericha, 1997, "External Heat Transfer Predictions in a Highly-Loaded Transonic Linear Turbine Guide Vane Cascade using an Upwind Biased Navier-Stokes Solver", ASME Turbo Expo '98, Stockholm, accepted
  9. Gehrer, A., Jericha, H. 1998, " External heat transfer predictions in a highly-loaded transonic linear turbine guide vane cascade using an upwind biased Navier-Stokes solver", ERCOFTAC SEMINAR and WORKSHOP on Turbomachinery Flow Prediction VI 5th - 8th Jannuary 98 ,Contribution to Testcase H1, Nozzle cascade heat transfer.


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