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Project S6807 "Gas Turbines for Particle Loaded Gases"


Project sponsored by the Austrian Science Foundation FWF


Project Start: 1994; Project End: 1997


Project Applicant / Contact: Prof. Herbert Jericha


Objective: At flow velocities up to 800 m/s in advanced gas turbines, even small particles from 1 to 3 microns might cause considerable blade erosion. Especially in flow regions where both high particle accumulation and large velocity gradients (i. e. tip clearance), exist at the same time, an enormous erosion potential is given. Therefore particle motion in boundary layers have to be known more accurate. In addition to usual drag force, particular effects in flow fields with big velocity shear (Saffman force), and deviation according to particle rotation (Magnus force) have to be considered. Because drag information is hardly available for spherical particles in literature, closer investigations on the effects of more realistic particle shape existing in nature had to be initiated. On the other hand the basics of high speed particle impact and dust behaviour on their way through shock waves are not satisfyingly explored yet. In a specially designed erosion test rig within the institute's transonic cascade, above mentioned investigations could be initiated. LDV-measurements and further research work on the target surface will act upon the fundaments of an improved erosion theory. All the results of these investigations will have their effects on the final research goal, the design of a wood fired gas turbine, where all of the particular design features are accordingly adapted.



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