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Project P16521-N07 "Clocking"


Project sponsored by the Austrian Science Foundation FWF

Project Applicants / Contact: Dr. Jakob Woisetschläger,
                                          Dipl.-Ing. Oliver Schennach


Industrial Gasturbines reach higher and higher efficiencies at constant or possibly decreasing costs per kilo Watts. Higher efficiencies are feasible by the use of sophisticated 3-D aerodynamic design and higher temperatures in the thermodynamic cycle. To be in accord with the demand of lower costs, the number of turbine stages have to be reduced. This means a higher pressure ratio and transonic flow conditions for this stages. Those demand of efficiency raise and the search for compact machines lead to an more important role of this unsteady flow phenomena.These phenomena are mainly caused by the relative motion between stationary vanes and moving blades and by the wake flow. Goal of this Project is to investigate the stator-rotor-stator interaction. The outcome of this work is a detailed exploration of the influence of unsteady, transonic flows through a high pressure turbine stage on a following stator. These results should clarify the unsteady mixing of the several flows in this complicated situation. Further a large amount of experimental data for numerical predictions should be provided.

First results:

First Publications:

Schennach, O.; Woisetschläger, J.; Fuchs, A.; Göttlich, E.; Marn, A.; Pecnik, R. : Experimental Investigations of Clocking in a One and a Half Stage Transonic Turbine Using Laser-Doppler-Velocimetry and a Fast Response Aerodynamics Pressure Probe; Journal of turbomachinery Vol. 129(2), 2007 in press

Schennach, O.; Pecnik, R.; Woisetschläger, J.; Göttlich, E.; Marn, A.; Heitmeir, F.: Influence of vane clocking on the unsteady flowfield in a one and a half stage transonic turbine; European Conference on Turbomachinery, 2007

Schennach, O.; Pecnik, R.; Paradiso, B.; Göttlich, E.; Marn, A.; Woisetschläger, J.: The effect of vane clockling on the unsteady flowfield in a one and a half stage transonic turbine; ASME Turbo Expo; 2007

Schennach, O.; Woisetschläger, J.; Göttlich, E.; Marn, A.; Pecnik, R.; Fuchs, A.: Experimental Investigations of clocking in a one and a half stage transonic turbine using Laser-Doppler-Velocimetry and a fast response aerodynamics pressure probe; ASME Turbo Expo; 2006

Schennach, O.; Woisetschläger, J.; Marn, A.; Göttlich, E.: Laser-Doppler-Velocimetry measurements in a one and a half stage transonic test turbine with different angular stator-stator positions; Proc. 13th International Symponisum on Applications of Laser Techniques to Fluid Mechanics, S. 1131 - 1131; 2006


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